10 DIY Cat Toy Tutorials

We’ve been seeing a TON of cute tutorials for DIY cat toys lately and we want to get down on that.

Our cats dig toys. Toys that squeak, rattle, and shake, toys that look like mice, toys that smell like catnip…toys that are just boxes and aren’t toys at all…they are playful creatures.

We’ve got the DIY bug right now so that means our Catto’s are in for an early kitty Christmas.

Here are of the most awesome cat toy tutorials on the internet that you can make for your Meowser today!


The Traffic Cone Scratching Post Tutorial

Image Credit: SoFancyBlog.com

We’re all in for alternative scratching sources for our cats if it keeps them off the corners of our couches and mattresses.

SoFancyBlog.com shows you not one but TWO awesome ways to create this for your catto using either a fabric covered or manila rope wrapped traffic cone. (Does not need to be manila rope, you could use almost any thick and coarse twine/string/rope). Its seriously simple and actually really cute! Check out the tutorial HERE


The DIY Felt Sushi Toy Tutorial

Image Credit: LiaGriffith.com

We are SCREAMING at how cute this tutorial and cat toy from LiaGriffith.com is!

The tutorial includes a PDF pattern for you to follow to cut all the felt pieces and it can be filled with catnip or other filler to keep kitty coming back. This cat toy looks good enough to eat. Check it out, here, its awesome.


The Ribbon Wand Tutorial

Image Credit: Outnumbered3-1.com

Who’s cat doesnt chase something long and stringy? Thats what I thought. Even our 16 and half year old cat will chase after something long and skinny trailing around in a whimsical fashion.

This ribbon wand tutorial from OutNumbered3-1.com puts a modern and stylish take on a Catto classic. The little bells are bound to get kittys attention and they will have fun trying to catch all the fluttering ribbons. See how to make it for yourself HERE


No Sew Fleece Toy Tutorial

Image Credit: SensiblySara.com

They had us at “No Sew”.

Seriously, anything that can be done in a simplified manner is alright by us. This tutorial from SensiblySara.com is perfect for us mildly crafty folks. And it still looks absolutely amazing and our cats would chase it around all day. Just a couple easy to find items and you’re good to go. Check out the tutorial HERE


Fishing Pole and Fish Toy Tutorial

Image Credit: LiaGriffith.com

Another “So cute were squealing” DIY toy tutorial! And its another one from LiaGriffith.com (shes good at this!)

We’ll say it again – cats like strings, ropes, shoelaces, ribbon, anything that it long string-like and they can chase after. This fish and fishing pole tutorial -which you can find HERE – does an amazing job of taking that concept and making it absolutely adorable.


Catnip Felt Fortune Cookie Toy Tutorial

Image Credit: DandelionsandLace.blogspot.com

These multicolored catnip filled little treats are shaped like fortune cookies, which we love by the way, and are the perfect size for our Cattos. This tutorial from DandelionsandLace.blogspot.com would be best suited for a sewing machine although we’re sure a determined cat parent would probably be able to do it by hand. head over to the tutorial HERE


The Adorable Cactus Scratching Post

Image Credit: KayleeEylander.com

Ah yes, another scratching post that may save our furniture and we are absolutely here for it.

This tutorial from KayleeEylander.com uses some standing piping along with rope (see the tutorial for full list of materials) to create a cactus scratching post so cute we would put it in our living room, garden, anywhere our cats hung out.  If youre going to make a cat toy it may as well be a stylish one right? See how by going to the tutorial HERE


Easter Egg Mice Toy Tutorial

Image Credit: Petcha.com

A fabulous up-cycle idea for those plastic Easter eggs that end up all over your house every spring.

This seriously easy and amazing tutorial from Petcha.com creates a fun toy that your Catto will love batting around the house.  The tutorial suggests filling the egg with beads or other noise making small object and we would definitely add catnip to that mix. To see how its done, head over to the tutorial by clicking HERE


The Peek-A-Boo Box Toy Tutorial

Image Credit: Meeoow.com

A simple box is really all it takes to entertain a cat for an extended period of time.

Take it to the next level with this Peek-A-Boo ball box tutorial from Meeoow.com. These super easy instructions show you how to whip this up and keep Catto on his toe beans. Painting box not required but definitely a nice touch! See how to do it for yourself by clicking HERE


T-Shirt Cat Toy Tutorial

Image Credit: MuslinandMerlot.com

We love tutorials with up-cycled materials!

So we’ve included this t-shirt cat toy tutorial from muslinandmerlot.blogspot.com because not only does it recycle old shirts and save them from the dumpster, it is a seriously easy and fun toy to make for your Catto. Scissors and Shirts – Boom – Done. Wanna see how they do it? Click HERE to head to the tutorial!



Know a great tutorial we missed? Send it our way at cattodoggoblog@gmail.com


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