How to Get Fleas Out Of Your House

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They’re like a really crappy house guest who shows up uninvited and then wont leave. To top it off, they are eating your pets and probably yourself.

In many cases before you even realize you have fleas – they have already set up their little flea camps and are having little flea picnics all over your dojo.

After treating your pets for fleas, its important to also ensure proper treatment and clean up in the home if you want to end the cycle for good.

If you find yourself feeling helpless facing a flea problem in your home have no fear! You CAN rid your home of fleas!

Will it be quick and super ridiculously easy? Well maybe if you managed to get really lucky and catch it at the very first flea. Otherwise it WILL take some time and some work but you can do it!

Here are a few things to do to help end the flea problem in your home.


Educate yourself on the flea lifecycle.

This is so important. Know your enemy before you go to battle.

Fleas go though 4 stages of life. Egg – Larva – Pupa – Adult.

All equally annoying.

Eggs are tiny white specks that ARE visible to the human eye although they are super small. ONE adult female flea can lay up to 50 eggs A DAY on your pet and then your pet moves about your house doing pet things and the eggs fall off all over wherever they go. I wish I was kidding. This is one reason proper cleaning is so critical if you really want to make fleas go away. You have to stop the eggs from hatching and becoming adults in your home.

Larva stage is when the eggs hatch and the fresh little fleas look like tiny gross worms. The eat flea dirt, which is adult flea poop.

Fleas in the pupa stage are basically flea teenagers. Almost to adulthood they spin themselves into cocoons and sleep for an undetermined amount of time. Another reason proper clean up is critical. You may think you have it under control but miss a couple pupa cocoons and surprise…3 months later a pupa cocoon hatches and your problem pops back up again.

Adult fleas are the bloodsucking little jerks you typically see. They ping pong themselves all over the place and will bite humans and make your pet miserable.

Go to war.

Leave no adult flea alive.

Wash Everyyyything.

First go for the kill zone – your pets favorite places.

Wash the dog bed, the cat bed, your bedding, the rugs, any and everything that can be washed that your pet lounges around on. Use the hottest water setting that is safe for the material.

Remember that eggs fall off your pet and onto the floor where they hatch in your carpet and floors.

Wash it all and wash it often to break the life-cycle.

Vacuum Everyyyything.

The floors, the couches, anything that cant be thrown in the washing machine.


This will swoop up many eggs, larvae and adult fleas that might be on top of the surface or if it carpet, hiding just beneath.

This will also stimulate adults into hatching from the pupa cocoons which is also very important! Pupa cocoons are almost indestructible. They hide in your carpet and around your home and can take anywhere from a week to a YEAR to hatch! Many different things can trigger a cocoon to hatch such as movement, heat and sound etc.

Vacuum often to catch the new adult fleas that emerge.

Dump the bag/canister in a safe location (aka not your front yard or somewhere where your pet can pick them right back up again) like a sealed trash bag outdoors when you’re done. Vacuuming eggs only transports them from your carpet to another location. They will hatch and find their way out. Dump the bag.

If you have access to a steam cleaner or carpet shampooer that’s a bonus!

Make Flea Traps.

Why buy them when you can make them?

Create or utilize a light source, fleas are attracted to light and will jump towards it. Fill a shallow plate or dish with dishsoap and water. Leave overnight or during the day in a dark room. Count the fleas in the morning.

Repeat. And Repeat. Repeat Again.

Click the image to go to’s detailed tutorial.

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Use store bought or DIY sprays and powders

Your local petstore and big box stores like Walmart and Target will have basic flea sprays and carpet powders in their pet section to help tackle your flea problem. Do not rely on powders and sprays alone. Use in conjunction with the other methods listed here. You can also find flea powders and sprays on amazon.

If you prefer a more natural approach you can make your own with a variety of ingredients like apple cider vinegar, diatomaceous earth, or essential oils. Keep in mind that certain essential oils can be toxic to your pets, especially cats.


When making DIY or homemade remedies for your pet always educate yourself on the ingredient you are using to ensure safety for your pet.

Check out this guide to essential oils for fleas from

Treat Your Yard

I know, the title of this article says “How to Get fleas out of your HOUSE“. The reality of the matter is if your have fleas in your yard, and your pet goes outdoors, you need to treat your yard also.

Even if your pet doesn’t go outdoors, if you have fleas in your yard all it takes is ONE hitchhiker to catch a lift on your boot on your way in the door and guess who’s itching again? You, the dog, the cat, everyone.

An easy way to see if you have fleas in your yard is to wear long white socks pulled up all the way (or white leggings would work also) and just give it a walk through. Do you have a doghouse outside? I’d start there. Anywhere your pet hangs out the most. Now check the socks. Fleas will jump up onto you. If you have any fleas on them, you should treat your yard.

Here are a couple ways to treat your yard for fleas:

  • Perform regular yard clean up and maintenance. Keeping your property clean from weeds and debris and keeping your lawn mowed can help. Fleas like to hide in leaf piles and tall grass. Eliminate the source.
  • Professional insecticides/pesticides. You can get these at all the major pet stores, big box stores like Walmart, and hardware/garden stores. When using chemicals in places your pet likes to play always make sure to read all labels very carefully and follow all safety precautions outlined by the manufacturer.
  • Diatemaceous Earth. DE is an all natural powder made of microscopic crushed aquatic fossils. It works by drying out the body of an adult flea. It is not harmful to humans or pets and it also works for things like bedbugs and ants. You can find Diamemaceous Earth HERE
  • Nematodes. These tiny little pest hunting worms can be spread into your yard and will seek out annoying little insects such as fleas and annihilate them while leaving you and your pet alone. Pick up some Nematodes HERE

Regardless of what method your use, its important to follow through to ensure you get all remaining eggs and fleas from your home.

Persistence is key but your home can be flea free!

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