Guide to Pet Safe Holiday Foods

We LOVE the Holidays.

Now that we are recovering from Halloween – also known as the holiday where we obsessively follow the dog around all day to make sure he doesn’t eat chocolate that was dropped somewhere –  its time to start thinking about all the delicious food coming up for the next big Holidays – Thanksgiving & Christmas.

We have big plans to be in the kitchen ALOT this holiday season – Have you seen some of these holiday Pinterest recipes lately?! – We are getting in on that.

As usual, we expect a dog and cat to be at our feet while cooking and while eating.

As usual, there will be some begging and pleading for little bites.

And as usual, we need to make sure we are only giving our pets foods that are safe for them to eat!

We’ve compiled a list of a few of THE MOST POPULAR HOLIDAY FOODS to let you know whether your dog or cat can enjoy a little holiday snack with you!

SPOILER ALERT – There are many more things you SHOULDN’T give your pet than things you should.

Always be cautious and watch for signs of illness or allergy when your pet tries ANY new food.

Here is the CattoDoggo Guide To Pet Safe Holiday Foods!


This depends on whats on it and how it was cooked.

Plain turkey with the skin removed is a great little snack for your dog or cat.


If the turkey has been covered in seasonings like butter, sage, onions or garlic DO NOT GIVE TO YOUR CAT OR DOG! This can be TOXIC for them!


Its generally not a good idea to give your dog or cat cooked ham or other smoked meats.

It is typically high in sodium and can cause pancreatitis!


Same rules as the turkey.

If its plain, with skin and seasonings removed, and has not been saturated with garlic and butter (you know, the good stuff) its OK to give a bite or two to your pet.

Remember, commonly used seasonings and trimmings contain things like onions, garlic and sage can be toxic to your cat or dog!


Duck meat has a higher fat content than chicken and turkey and should be given in smaller amounts, following the same “remove skin and dont serve if has been covered in potentially toxic seasonings rule” as mentioned above.


The Feast Of Seven Fishes is a traditional Christmas meal consisting of seven seperate seafood dishes. It is very popular in Italy and in many other corners of the world, such as New Jersey where it is the most popular Christmas meal in the entire state!

Cats LOVE fish.

And its totally cool to give them fish.

In moderate doses.

Cats can get “addicted” to fish and refuse to eat other foods. This poses a problem because canned fish can contain a high level of sodium and/or mercury, which is bad when too much accumulates in Catto’s body.

Just make sure to feed in moderation and were sure your Catto will appreciate the fish.

Dogs can also enjoy cooked, plain fish without a problem.

Prime Rib

A small piece of plain, off the bone, cooked steak is fine for your dog or cat.

Prime rib however has a very high fat content and can cause pancreatitis so do not give very much, if any.

Cranberry Sauce

Cranberry sauce typically contains a decent amount of sugar.

Cranberries themselves aren’t bad for your dog or cat but with all that sugar in there its best to keep it to a minimum.

Also, if its more than just a basic “cranberry + sugar + water” recipe and contains other ingredients such as nuts and raisins etc…skip it to be safe.

Sweet Potatoes Vs. Candied Yams

Raw sweet potato is difficult for your cat and dog to digest and can cause upset stomach and should be avoided.

Cooked Sweet Potatoes served plain are a great treat for your dog or cat and are full of nutrients and vitamins!

However once a sweet potato becomes a candied yam it is no longer suitable to feed to your pet, there is way too much sugar happening now!

Green Bean Casserole

Green beans alone are totally fine for your dog or cat. The problem with green bean casserole is all the other stuff that goes in it. Onions are a definite no-no. Just skip it.

Rolls and Breads

As long as your pet is otherwise healthy with no allergies there is nothing wrong with eating white bread in moderation.


A small bite of cornbread is fine for cats and dogs but IS baked with sugar and cornmeal so should be given in moderation.

Mashed Potatoes

Cats and dogs can enjoy plain mashed potatoes as long as they are butter and gravy free.


Stuffing is a hard nope. Everyone’s recipe is a little different and with the variety of ingredients that can be toxic, such as onions, garlic etc. Just avoid it altogether.


Gravy tends to have a high salt or fat content which can cause diarrhea and upset stomachs. Should only be given in small amounts.


Gingerbread, Candy Canes, Pie, Chocolate, Cookies and Fruitcakes…oh my!

We’ve lumped all the sweet delicious dessert items together because they should be all avoided.

Chocolate = NOPE

Large amounts of sugar = NOPE

Syrups = NOPE

Nuts = NOPE

See where we’re going with this?

Don’t give your pet dessert items.

Of course there are many other foods that might end up on your table this holiday season, always do your research before giving anything to your pet and consult a veterinarian when possible.

Here is a quick reference from the ASPCA of foods you shouldn’t give your pet

Happy Holidays!


*The information provided here is for entertainment purposes only and is not professional advise or a substitute for professional advice. Always consult a veterinarian before feeding new foods to your pet.