20 Ugly Christmas Sweaters For Dogs

HO HO HO! Its almost that time!

Time for lights, jingle bells, hot cocoa and UGLY CHRISTMAS SWEATERS!

Honestly its one of our favorite things about the Holidays.

And it isn’t just for Humans!

Because Dogs in sweaters is absolutely adorable….

Here are 20 festive ugly (and not so ugly) sweaters for your Doggo (or Catto if you’re brave!) to wear this holiday season!

The Elf Doggo Sweater

How cute is this?! Transform your pup into a member of Santa’s workshop.

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The Sophisticated Reindeer Doggo Sweater

This Doggo sweater is perfect for family photos!

Available Here


The Fun Reindeer Doggo Sweater

Cute and casual – this sporty sweater will keep fido warm while he curls up by the Christmas tree.

Available Here


Rudolph the Red Nosed Doggo Sweater

Admit it. This is Adorable. Imagine watching your Doggo walking around wagging his tail in this? Adorable.

Available Here


The Doggo Is A Penguin Sweater

This sweater is on the top of our “to order” list! Penguins are awesome.

Available Here


The Multi-Rudolph Fuzz Ball Doggo Sweater

What more adorable than one fuzz ball nosed Rudolph? Multiple fuzz ball nosed Rudolph’s.

Available Here

The Doggo With The Light Up Christmas Tree Sweater

For the Doggo who is a little bit extra.

Available Here


The Doggo With The Light Up Santa Looking Like Christmas Vacation Sweater


Thats all we see when we look at this. It reminds us of the movie “Christmas Vacation”. And were for it.

Available Here


The Fun and Festive Doggo Sweater

For the Doggo who doesn’t want to be restricted to a penguin or a reindeer, this sweater screams Christmas without being too specific. Perfect.

Available Here


The Rudolph All Tangled Up Doggo Sweater

Reindeer tangled in lights is a popular sweater theme – for good reason, its awesome!

Available Here


The Simple Santa Doggo Sweater

For the Doggo who likes to celebrate in a simple and stylish way and doesn’t need all the bells and whistles.

Available Here


The Doggo Is The Reindeer Sweaeter

Whats cuter than a Doggo with a reindeer on its back? A Doggo that is the entire reindeer.

Available Here

The Doggo Is The Santa Claus Sweater

Ho Ho Ho! Its Santa Paws!

Available Here


The Snowman Who Is Entirely Too Cool For You Doggo Sweater

This snowman is cold as ice but it can help warm your Doggo!

Available Here


The “Aww Isn’t That Cute” Doggo Reindeer Sweater

Seriously…Isn’t that Cute?! Of course it is.

Available Here


The Christmas Dress Doggo Sweater

Perfect for those Christmas Eve parties. Would be complimented nicely with a little red bow!

Available Here


The Gingerbread Ninja Doggo Sweater.

Doesn’t he look like ninja though? A delicious, gingerbread ninja.

Available Here


The Ho-Ho-Whole Santa Setup Doggo Sweater

We are squealing at the thought of our Doggo wearing this around the Christmas tree! Little Santa dog tail wagging with the little Santa hat….Amazing.

Available Here


The Perfect For Holiday Parties Doggo Sweater

It would also be perfect for photos. Just sayin.

Available Here

The Multi-Christmas Doggo Sweater

Snowmen and Christmas Trees and Snowflakes Oh My! This Doggo sweater encompases so many aspects of Christmas you cant go wrong.


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